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Summer Hat

I made this for Esther on Tuesday.  Even working without a pattern, it came together in about an hour.  I used less than half a skein of Berella 4 yarn.

I’ll edit with a gauge as soon as I find the blasted hat so I can measure it.  It’s very stretchy & forgiving, though.  It was made for Esther but even fit Linda’s big head.

Child’s Summer Hat


2 oz worsted weight yarn

5.0 mm hook

Size: One size fits most children, at least through age 7.

Please note that the ch-2 at the beginning of each round does not count as a stitch.


Chain 3.

1) Double crochet 10 times in the third stitch from hook.  Join into a circle with a slip stitch. (10 stitches)

2) *Double crochet, chain 1* in each stitch. (20 stitches)

3) *Double crochet twice in each double crochet, chain 1 & skip over each chain-1 space* around. (30 sts)

4) *Double crochet in one double crochet; double crochet twice in the next double crochet.  Chain 1 & skip over each chain-1 space* around. (40 stitches)



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Linda’s Scarf Blanket

I made this blanket back when I got pregnant with Linda.  I didn’t write out a pattern for it at the time, because I wasn’t writing patterns back then.  This is incredibly easy, and the modular construction makes it both easy to carry and possible to work on even during the summer.  Except for when you are sewing it together at the end, there’s no big blanket sitting across your lap!  When you’re working on it, you’re only holding a piece about the size of a scarf; thus the name.

I’m providing a size for this blanket, but no gauge info, because this blanket is five years old and well-used & I’m not sure the gauge is still the same.  As you can see, it will be able to be used for many years (Linda still sleeps under it!).  Not bad for something so simple you could make it for your first project!


H hook

14.5 oz light worsted-weight yarn, total: 7 oz Color A; 7 oz Color B; 0.5 oz Color C  (When I made this, it was a two-skein project, because back then Simply Soft came in 7 oz skeins!)

Yarn needle

Directions: Make 4 of these Panels–2 in Color A & 2 in Color B

Chain 23.

1) Double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook (the first 3 chains will count as one double crochet) and in each additional chain.  Total 21 double crochets.

2 – 68) Chain three (counts as the first double crochet), turn.  Double crochet in the second stitch from hook and in each additional stitch.

At the end of row 68, do not finish off, but switch to Color C (the “right” way: with working color, yarn over, draw up a loop in the stitch, yarn over & draw through two loops on hook; switch to new color, then yarn over & draw through the final two loops on your hook).

Trim is worked with Color C as follows:

Chain three, turn.  Double crochet in second stitch from hook and each additional stitch.  At the end, turn the corner by clustering 3 or so stitches together as you turn your work (do it by feel).  Double crochet all the way down the side of the panel, placing two double crochets in the side of each row.  At the bottom, make another corner the same way as before.  Double crochet in each free loop left over from your starting chain.  Put in one more corner.  Double crochet up the side the same way you crocheted down the other one.  The last corner will probably require one less stitch than the other corners.  Finish off, and weave in any ends.


Lay all the panels out as shown in the picture, long sides together.  With a long length of Color C, sew the panels together (I just did a simple back-and-forth catching the top loops of the DC in the trim; it looks better than you’d think).  Alternately, join Color C and slip stitch the panels together.  Weave in any ends.


30 inches wide

32 inches long

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