Basic Adult Hat


This is one of those things for which a pattern isn’t really necessary, but can stand as a good jumping-off point.  The 10-st multiple is useful for any number of stitch patterns.  The basic suggestion for chaning it up: Do the increase rows in plain DC as instructed, & then whatever pattern stitch you desire for the straight-down part.

The only semi-fancy thing here is Front Post and Back Post double crochet.  On the off-chance you don’t know how to do these stitches, check out the instructions here.

The hat is worked in a continuous spiral.  Take note of the beginning portion of the gauge; the simplest way to make sure you’ve got the correct gauge is to just do the first round & lay a ruler across it.  Length is easily changed by  simply working for more rounds.

Basic Adult Hat

5.5 mm hook
WW yarn (I used Red Heart Super Saver in “lipstick print”; it’s quite warm.)
stitch marker
gauge: first round is 1″ in diameter; 8 rows of 13 sts = 4″

ch 3.

1) DC 10 times in last chain. PM in last st. (Move this marker up as you go.) (10)
2) DC 2 times in each stitch around. (20)
3) *DC 2 times in 1 st; DC once in next st* around (30)
4) DC in first st.  *DC twice in next st; DC once in each of next 2 sts* around to end; DC in last st. (40)
5) *DC 2 times in one st; DC once in each of next 3 sts* around. (50)
6) DC in first 2 sts.  *DC twice in one stitch; DC once in each of next 4 sts* around to end.  DC once in each of last 2 sts. (60)
7) *DC 2 times in one st: DC once in each of next 5 sts* around.  (70)
8 – 15) DC once in each st. (70)
16) *FPDC in one st; BPDC in next st* around. (70)
17 – 20) FPDC in each FPDC; BPDC in each BPDC around. At the end of round 20, finish off & weave in the loose end. (70)


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